John Paul II Center Profile


Promoting justice and peace in Thailand and the world at large.


  1. The research of Catholic Social Thought and dialogue with other faiths. 
  2. The promotion of Catholic Social Thought through educational activities. 
  3. The application of Catholic Social Thought.



The Church's social doctrine is also characterized by a constant call to dialogue among all members of the world's religions so that together they will be able to seek the most appropriate forms of cooperation. Religion has an important role to play in the pursuit of peace, which depends on a common commitment to the integral development of the human person. (John Paul II, CSDC, par: 537)
Assumption University is the leading Catholic University in Thailand, a predominantly Buddhist country. It is also in close proximity to the rich Islamic cultures of South East Asia..

Business Ethics 

Business today move in economic contexts that are becoming ever broader and in which national States show limits in their capacity to govern the rapid processes of change that effect international economics and financial relations. This situation leads businesses to take on new and greater responsibilities with respect to the past. (CSDC, par. 342)
Catholic Social Doctrine asserts that "the free circulation of capital is not of itself sufficient to close the gap between developing countries and the more advanced countries". It also requires a respect for human rights, the environment, cultural difference, solidarity between generations, and a service to people.

Promotion And Action 

Along with the emphasis on education and dialogue, the center is designed to develop programs to actively apply Catholic Social Thought to the present challenges in Thailand and the region. 
The integral perfection of the person and the good of the whole of society are 
the essential ends of culture; the ethical dimension of culture is therefore 
a priority in the social action of the laity. (CSDC, par. 556)
The lay faithful are called to identify steps that can be taken in concrete political 
situations in order to put into practice the principals and values proper to life in |
society. (CSDC, par. 568)


Life in the 21st century is changing at an accelerated pace. Traditional values are fading even before new ones can take their place. Technology is changing the face of the earth. We live in a world of both plenty and poverty, of both knowledge and ignorance, of both freedom and exploitation. Caught within these paradoxes, we lose direction in our lives and as a result, we experience the loss of peace, justice and healing. The Church which is 'the sign and safeguard of the transcendental dimension of the human person' can provide stability and guidance in these matters. Therefore, the John Paul II Center for Catholic Social Thought is being established in Assumption University of Thailand to fill this important need.

Activities of the CCST

  1. Scholarships
    The Center offers scholarships to students who need financial assistance. Initially we will provide two scholarship programs:
    Komolmas Scholarship in honor of the President Emeritus, Bro. Martin P. Komolmas  who has completed recently the 6th cycle of his birthday.
    Saenghiran Scholarship in honor of the president, Bro. Bancha Saenghiran who has completed recently the 5th cycle of his birthday

  2. Pope John Paul II Memorial Lecture Series
    Annual lectures on Catholic Social Thought by eminent Catholic scholars in the field are given.

  3. Annual Seminars
    Annual seminars on such topics as: Catholic Social Thought, Inter-faith Dialogue, and Peace and Violence, are to be organized.

  4. Translation Projects
    The Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church and other essential Catholic written works are to be translated into Thai to make them available to a wider public.

  5. Occasional Publications
    The proceedings of the Lecture Series, Annual Seminars, and so on are to be published.

  6. Short training Programs
    Short training programs are provided for target groups and interested people.

  7. E-learning Programs
    M.A. and Ph.D. programs in Catholic Social Thought will be offered through virtual learning.

  8. Resources 
    A collection of resources: texts, books, journals, encyclopedias, documents and other publications on Catholic social thought and Christian studies are being established in the library.